Saturday, March 17, 2012

Snakehead Sighted | Shad Caught

Met client Dan at Chain Bridge this morning. Beautiful weather. Wish every day was like this.

We got to the river a little before 0900. The herring were thick. We worked on casting techniques. Dan had a brand new Orvis Clearwater set up. Very nice rod, very nice reel. His line was so slick......(how slick was it?)...that I had trouble threading it through the guides.

We had a few shad and herring chase his fly and a few take it. Dan set the hook to late and we lost a few. As he was casting I noticed a HUGE snakehead, probably over 24 inches swim by. It got my heart racing. I can't believe they are already awake. The river is almost 60 degrees. It wasn't till the 3rd week in April last year that we saw them. The fish went down into the rocks (mind you, the visibility right now is way over 5 feet).

Dan cast to it several times with no luck. The cormorants were flying over, the gizzard shad appeared and started to break the surface. White perch began to school up on the bottom. As Dan's time finished up, we fished together. I hooked into a nice hickory shad on a damsel nymph dropper. I have this injury to my right wrist where any pressure on it hurts. I couldn't fight the fish. Time to call up and make an appointment with an orthopedist.

Dan and I walked out about 11:40. He had to pick up a birthday cake before the store closed, I had to pick up carrots, chicken stock, and red lentils at the corn store.

What turned out to be an awesome morning was ruined as I sat down here to type. I Look out the window to my left and its broken. Some knob golfer who sucks hit hit the ball past the dog leg by 50 yards, over a hill, through 3 story pine trees, and broke our 2nd story window. The wife saw a golfer walking around our building around 11am and didn't think about things. It was probably the bonehead who broke our window. The ball would have fallen below by Chicago Lady's windows. There is a pile of broken glass down there.

Make that 1 broken screen, 2 broken windows, 1 broken windshield by the golfers on this course. I've never broken any windows with a fly. 


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