Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent Trip Pictures | Shad + Bass

The weather around here has been perfect. So nice, I am trying to get out everyday. I've been taking the bay lady with me to fish for fun and to guide. Thank goodness Walter lent me a backpack for babies.

We've had temps in the upper 70's to low 80's, no humidity, bluebird skies, and light breezes. We have spent the majority of the time up at Chain Bridge. Here are some herring pictures from the other day. No polarized lens either. Thats how clear the water has been.

 And this red 'inch' worm came down. Looks just like some sort of midge pupae we fish.
 Last Sunday was the last day at 4 Mile for a while. Ha that rhymes. I met 3 clients out there. Russell by far landed the biggest fish. We were throwing a tandem rig of foam hopper, damsel nymph, and tiny bead head nymph. This bass took the damsel, I saw the damsel dissapear into the fish's mouth and shouted 'set the hook' and Russell was into a fight. The fish was bigger than it looked in the water and of course, the pics don't do justice.
 Brad later landed probably 25-30 fish. Two times he had a double hookup. And of course, as soon as we packed up the gear to leave, the sun came out.
 Today found us at Chain Bridge. Kevin hooked into several hickory shad and white perch with several shots at some MONSTER snakeheads and some huge bass. We lost a bunch of fish too. Weather could not have been more perfect.

All fish pictured were caught on damsel nymphs!

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