Monday, March 5, 2012

Breckenridge Colorado Winter 2012 | DSLR Images

I finished the drive back last night. It was a long drive. I left 0700 on Saturday and got back here at 745pm Sunday night. The weather was cold and snowy with lots of wind on the return leg. To entertain myself, I counted roadkill and urine jugs on the side of the road. I counted 29 dead skunks. 

You'll have to listen to the podcast (post shortly) to get more details. I'll give brief captions here. 

Here is my carp fly box. A motley group of just about everything.
Someone living along the South Platte River in Denver. I was quiet as I waded past.
Dead mouse along stream. Note to self about size etz for tying purposes.
A dude I spoke to. He has no car so he walks the entire length. Three fly rods, 2 for trout and 1 for carp.
A sign along the 'REI Hole' where I was skunked.
I find the 'I70 Hole' and finally find carp after walking for 3 hours.
A dead rooster in the river??

A homeless camp was next to this spot too. I had several opportunites to sight fish for carp but it was cold and dark and I don't think they were biting. Dave Maynard hooked into a monster here a few days later as the temps rose.

My first trip out with Tenkara. Landed a tiny fish. Still my first trout on Tenkara.
Looking down into the Blue River canyon below Green Mountain reservoir.
Looking upstream at the dam. It was friggin freezing.
These are not in order :( Oh well. THW and dr jones in the condo. He is working on a Deschuetes Brewing Co.
BL, THW, and dr jones.
Ok, back to the Blue. Here is my car in the lot on the edge of the canyon and my footsteps in the snow. Post holing.

My ice axe to help me climb out.

The big hill where I climb out. Not fun. Done it 3 winters and I'm not doing it again. Didn't catch any fish, didn't see any fish. It was pretty and scenic and all, but not worth the 40 min drive in the snow.
The drive back in the snow. As I did a lot of driving on this trip, there will be a lot of car shots.
Out of order again. Sheesh. This is the stairs down to the start of the canyon.
A Kreelex fly. Didn't live up to the expectations.

The roads were better on the drive back. I stopped at the Blue in Dillon to fish.
No luck up top. Then I got down to the spot where I had seen fish a few days before. I took of my indicator and put on a size 14 bead head pheasant tail and an egg. I swung the fly through the hole and WHAM. This brute slammed my fly and took off. It was awesome. Should have spent the entire day here.

Fishing in Silverthrone. Saw this dude. Midges were coming off. I couldn't get anything to eat. BTW, I was supposed to fish with Tom the other day (canyon) but there were 80mph gusts of wind in Denver and his fence blew away. He had to fix it. And the tunnel was closed anyway. He wouldn't have been able to get there anyway.

Tying flies with my new Regal vise at the condo. Stocking up for shad season.

I landed a plastic bag down in Silverthrone.
Off to South Park and the Dream Stream.

Cows, they are everywhere out here. This one passed me by as I re-rigged a leader. Super windy. Wasn't worth the time I spent.
This one was close.
Cute baby (prob taste good too)

Aww, it tripped.

A herd of antelope ran in front of the car.

Down to Elevenmile. I had planned on fishing the canyon, plunge pools, big streamers, fun.  Thats my favorite type of fly fishing. You know this cus you listen to the podcast right?
So scenic.
Roads through rock.

I get to the top to look at the first set of water. I see trout rising EVERYWHERE. I tie on a midge rig with my Tenkara rod and have the most fun fly fishing in A LONG TIME. Sight casting to rising fish. Flies this small - and it was awesome. Loads of fun for 3-4 hours.

A midge in my midge box. Look at the center of the frame above and to the right of the cream egg.

Time to head back to town.

Big storm on the way. I drove through snow the whole way back.

A quick stop for tamales and Bison chile at Dorothy's. Soo good. Had to have a tamale on the spot.
Almost 12,000' registered on my altimeter.
The roads on the way down the mountain. Not fun.
Cool ice formed on my hubs.
Back to the Blue. A Burnese mountain dog on the back of a flat bed truck in front of me, it just got off the INTERSTATE!
A huge rainbow that was foul hooked. Released back to the river.
Driving home. Saying goodbye to the Blue.
dr jones in the back.
Parts of Kansas are beautiful.

St. Louis arch at night.

Mistletoe clusters in Kentucky.
W.VA mountains. Almost zero visibility.

The famous rocks people climb.


Very awesome trip, rob. Bold of you to venture out in the heart of winter. CO fishing 365 24/7. Nicely done!

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