Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nice People Still Exist

I had an out of town client book me for last Saturday. He was coming from Colorado and was unable to bring his waders. I had a pair of Orvis waders and Simms boots I could squeeze him into no problem. If that was the case, this post would not exist.

Less than 48 hours till fishing time, I was asked if I could accommodate his brother. I said absolutely. I then inquired about his wader size and was told "2xl size 12 shoe." That was a size I didn't have. I said I would take care of it.

I had to think of who I could borrow a pair of waders and boots from. I have some big friends in Maryland but they are far away. I did have a client and his dad over the summer. They were built like Paul Bunyon.

I e-mailed client Mark and asked if I could borrow his waders in exchange for a few free hours of guided fishing. He agreed. He sent me an e-mail at 9:30 on Friday night that it was ok for me to stop by and pick them up. As I had a long day Saturday, I was already in bed. I jumped up and got in the car. I turned on my phone GPS and headed out towards Burke.

My GPS stated I was 200' away from my destination when the battery died. I didn't have a phone charger with me so I couldn't charge it off my car. And my AC adapter broke so a charger wouldn't do me any good.

I'm now trying to remember the address. No luck. Hopefully Mark looked out the window and saw me cursing at my phone. My options were to drive home and check my e-mail on the computer and come back or go to the nearest shopping center and use a phone to call the wife.

I drove over to the Caribou coffee. I asked if they had a pay phone (an old device where one put metal based money in a round, coin form, and dialed a local number). They didn't. Instead, they gave me their phone-he was about to let me use his cell but then grabbed the store phone. I made 6 calls to my wife. She was in bed when I left. Had earplugs in as someone in the house snores (?). And thus didn't answer the phone. The kid behind the desk was being nice, as I was dressed like a slob. Black hoodie, black Patagonia puff pants, and a baseball hat.

I was steaming. The wife didn't answer so now I was going to drive  home. There was a guy next to me with a computer. I asked if I could check my e-mail. He said he wasn't allowed to. Not sure what that meant.

I saw a young lady in the back on an apple computer. I walked over to her and asked if I could use her machine. She let me log on and check the e-mail. I wrote down the address. I gave her my card and offered some flies, hair feathers, or earrings. Within a few minutes I was back at Mark's street and at his house.

Its nice to know there are still some nice people out there willing to let you use their phones or computers and even loan you a pair of waders.

Turns out the brother fit in my size large waders with 10 boot foot. I dropped off the waders at Mark's last night.

You may remember Mark as the client who was holding his leader at Gravelly Point and caught a white perch while the fly dangled in the water.


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