Saturday, February 25, 2012

John Popper In Breckenridge

We just got back from a free show in Breck. John Popper from Blues Traveler sat in on a local band. It was awesome. We were 3rd row. It has been a long time since me and the wife have been to a show. Its been a long time since we had a night to ourselves. Grandma Elsa watched baby lady while we walked the 2 blocks to the show. There was no open container law so we drank. We enjoyed some mirror pond, odells, and the coors that I found in the snow this morning. I also found a pint glass. I met some bead lady with an angora face mask. She looked like one of Cobra Comander's soldiers. She apparently ties flies.

What a combo. So they jammed out for a while and we made some new friends. A russian chick invited us back to her place in Georgetown for crepes. Kinda random. Then there was the dudes toking some major stink weed behind us. They were obsessed with my faux fur bomber hat. Kept petting me and what not. I had some banter back and forth with John. I shouted out between songs 'what about mr poppers penguins' the Jim Carey movie and all that. He responded that he had not seen the movie. Then I shouted out a request for the wife about some Mountain Song and he played it.

It has been a great night being out with the wife and having a few drinks. Now we are about to destroy some home made crock pot chili over artisinal pasta.

Tomorrow I hope to fish either south park or the Colorado river.

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