Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inside The Fly Fishing Show @ Somerset 2012

If you didn't have the chance to make it to Somerset 2012 Fly Fishing Show, here is a bit of the show for you. I have some pictures to share and Producer Jason and I walked around and interviewed some people. The last couple of interviews didn't come out. The sound was recorded through the computer mic not the hand held. So the concessions girl, SIMMS, and Grease Trucks sound like they were recorded through a wet wading boot.

Take a listen.

Stream Podcast episode 1 
Stream Podcast episode 2

Listen On Itunes (AND BE SURE TO RATE IT)

  1. Andy Mill - Tarpon Guru & Aspen Extreme Cameo
  2. Crosby Beane - Hardy/Greys
  3. Henry Cowan - Georgia Stripers
  4. Kevin Arculeo - Coolest Flies Out There
  5. Natural Retreats
  6. Pete Kutzer - Tall Dude and Orvis Casting Guru
  7. Simon Gawesworth - Speyborn & Rio Products
  8. Captain Sarah Gardner - Flygal Charters & Outer Banks Fly Fishing
  9. Derek Deyoung - Canvasfish
  10. Evan Burck - Allen Fly Fishing
  11. Nick Curcione - Temple Fork Outfitters
  12. Lefty Kreh - Temple Fork Outfitters
  13. Tom Rosenbauer - All things Orvis, The Bonefish Caption Contest
  14. Trent Jones - Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders
  15. Tom Baltz - Orvis Endorsed Guide
  16. Jay Lovering - Northern Virginia Trout Unlimited
  17. Brian & Colby Trow - Mossy Creek Outfitters
  18. Steve Monahan - Temple Fork Outfitters
  19. D. Scott Doty - Korkers
  20. Daniel Gallardo - Tenkara USA
  21. Barry & Kathy Beck - Photographers
  22. Mike Heck - Falling Springs
  23. Kiki Galvan - Ms. Guided
  24. Beau Beasley - Eastern Fly Fishing, Virginia Fly Fishing Festival, Author
  25. Martin Bawden - Flymen Fishing Company
  26. Capt. Paul Dixon - Rise Fishing Rods, Fly Fishing Montauk
  27. Mike Batcke & PK  Stealthcraft Boats and Fishingporn
  28. Robby Lepczyk - Great Feathers Fly Shop
  29. Brooke - AnglingBookstore
  30. Dave Whitlock - Tyer, artist, author, etc

Simon hiding out while listening to the ManU-Liverpool match
 Stealthcraft boats
 Lights on inside

 bottle opener
 Ostrich plumes

Tyers wall
Bears Den


 Bears' Den
Lots of flash

Inside the show

Random pictures

 Inside the show
Bulk estaz
Lots of tying materials

Dave Whitlock signing print
 Full bird skin
 Dave Whitlock nymphs
Casting For Recovery cupcakes 
The computers for the survey. I wonder how many poo germs were on those!
C.D. Clarke

Mike Heck 
Falling Springs flies 
 Pimped out Derek DeYoung boat
Random reels
 Korkers drainage system and soles
Tenkara USA
 Daniel Gallardo
 Snowhite and Lefty
 Nick Curcione
 Kevin Arculeo
 Tom Baltz

 Simon and Bill
 Mossy Creek flies
 Martin from Flymen

Natural Retreats
Tenkara nets

 PK's tats
Kevin Arculeo flies 
 Chicken fingers with fries and mozzarella sticks on a lousy bun
 Grease Trucks at Rutgers

Ranch Tooth


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