Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fly Fishing In The Wind

I could go on and make this about casting in the wind, using heavier lines and flies and rods etc. But thats a different story. I did bring 8wt rods with 8wt floating and 10wt sink tip.

I was out with a client yesterday when the winds kicked up. We watched the cold front blow in from the west onto Four Mile Run. Snow squalls came in and the wind kicked up the water.  Waves were splashing us and I was almost pushed over into the water several times. The water at low tide with the waves was thigh deep. Some spots were waist deep as the tide dropped.

Over night the wind picked up. Temps dropped and we got a dusting of snow. Our power went out several times.

I had a client today. I was to pick him up at National Airport. I pulled over to the Roaches Run waterfowl parking spot. The tide was out with the wind. The shore line was exposed like I had never seen. I walked around and waited for my client to call to pick him up.

My client and I pulled in behind the buildings along Four Mile Run around 4:15pm. The wind was still whipping around. I had expected the water to be blown out of the stream and the fish to be concentrated in the deep holes.

I did not expect that 75% of the water would have been blown out of the stream, leaving 50% of the stream bottom exposed. Its a strange percentile in the last sentence. It has to do with depths and water in the deep vs. shallow. Don't worry about it too much.

Places where my shoulder bag was submerged yesterday, spots that were waist deep etc were dry today. Here are some pics. 


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