Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Carp Update

Trent, Damon, and I went out on the drift boat to Blue Plains today. Had a bit of a delayed start as the engine would not start up. We finally pulled out of Gravelly around 10ish and headed straight down river.  The ride down was uneventful. The views of the monuments (Washington, Jefferson) and Capitol building made for great scenery.

It took probably 20-30 minutes to pull into the fishing spot. As soon as we came across the mud flats we spooked a myriad of carp. Enough that the crystal clear water turned brown from them taking off.  We dropped anchor and started fishing.

I hooked into a monster of a carp which proceeded to run toward the boat and then take a sharp turn toward the water treatment facility. The outgoing line burned my index finger. I think its time to invest in one of those goofy stripping guards for my finger.

The last fish I hooked that was this strong was a salmon. Some people call the carp a trash fish and not worth of catching on a fly rod. You can disregard their opinion. You know what they say about opinions? They are like arse holes, everybody has one.

The fly I hooked the carp on was a purple dragon. I don't have any pics to show you at the moment. Its a hybrid between my Snowhite Hellgrammite and my Bacon fly. In purple. I then tied on a rubber legged stonefly on the back.

We got into some gizzard shad. And by getting into them, I mean the water was black. Black because the school of them was so dark it blocked out the light. We foul hooked the filthy creatures. We pulled anchor and moved over to the water output. It stank. We didn't stick around there too long. We were able to distinguish the schools of shad down below in the clear water by the koi/goldfish mixed in. A bright orange beacon mixed in with black fish.

With air temps in the 50's we thought the place would be crowded. We saw 3-4 other bass boats on the water at the spot. Maybe everyone was at home watching a Paula Dean marathon or the NFL playoffs.

We rowed back up to the schools of carp. Some of the carp were monsters. They looked like tarpon or small sharks coming up onto the flats. Some solo, some in schools of easily a dozen or more. They would come by the boat unfazed, some would pass by and get spooked by us. No luck. We pulled anchor and fished along the parking pier. We saw some monster fish under the pier. Trent had a shad take his Clouser. Not sure if it was foul hooked as the fly was right near the mouth. We passed the pier without a hookup.

It felt good to be behind the oars. Its been months since I rowed. Good excercise.

Damon hooked into a fish on his Clouser along the rocky shore. Nothing was producing, I pulled anchor and we moved back up to the carp spot. Trent and I each got a bite. The water was one giant school of carp. Muddy. The carp were mudding all around us. The only thing I landed was some stick fish.

We pulled anchor after a few hours at Blue Plains and headed up to Four Mile Run. This is the last time I do that. Its a pain in the arse to get to . The mouth is one giant mud flat. Its very hard to get through there with out dragging the motor on the bottom. Once up there we saw lots of shad and Trent hooked into some bluegill. I spotted one carp and a few goldfish. It wasn't worth staying. It was now past 2pm.

The old coal plant.

We were all hungry. We floated from the Rte 1 bridge to the mouth by the end of the airport runway, lit the engine, and headed back. The wind picked up and we were headed straight into it. I was wearing fingertips gloves and my fingers are burning. The ride back sucked. You have to go down through that mud flat, then south toward the Wilson Bridge, then make a U-turn about a quarter mile south of the airport. Once you do that its all an upstream battle into the wind.

Some guys powered past us with a 250 horsepower outboard. They rubbed it in our faces as we had a 9.9.

Still have not found a safe way to store the rods in the boat.

 The view of the monuments on the way back up river. Brrrr

We got to Gravelly around 3pm. It was easy to unpack the boat and pack the car with the help of the lads. I can't wait to tie up some smaller and heavier flies for next time we go out. We'll figure out the carp and get some pics of them in the boat. We'll bring some snacks too.


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