Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stood Up By Client --> Went Carp Fishing

What to do when  your client does not show? We fished on Saturday and agreed that he would put down a deposit electronically that night and we would meet at the same place, same time the next day.

The deposit didn't arrive. I waited in the lot for an hour. I called him. Nothing. I was already wearing 3 layers of clothing and had a rod strung up for carp. I walked down to 4 Mile Run and got in.

Steam was rising off the water as the hot water discharge upstream was filling the stream. I had observed feeding carp while on the overpass so I knew where they would be. I tied on two carp flies and started casting.

I foul hooked a brute of maybe 12lbs. It got hooked in the tail and headed straight upstream. I was on one side of a piling in shallow water and it was on the other side in the deep. It was a tough fight. I didn't know it was tail hooked until I got it to landing distance. I popped the hook out and off came a few silver dollar sized slimy scales.

Carp were breaching all over. That's not a carp to the right. That's snow melt coming down from the bridge. The goldfish were also in abundance.

There was one guy downstream working the next set of bridges. Didn't see him hook up. One guy in the lot stated he got a bunch of gizzard shad (gross). 

I switched up my nymph and started at it again. It was hard to see where I was casting as it was overcast and every time I exhaled the steam obscured my vision. I had two feeding carp in front of me along a drop off. I cast upstream and drifted my flies to them. One of them sucked in with a puff of mud and the fight was on. The fish ran up the deep channel between pilings and I got it back down. It went for deep water and I pulled it back. I couldn't land this fish (around 8-10lb) where I was. I backed up on the mud flat to shallow water. This fish did not like the shallows. It fought harder. I got the leader just up to my rod tip and was preparing my fish moth grips to land the fool when it threw my hook.

It was a great morning. My first carp almost landed on the fly since May of 2011. I would have rather made money to pay the bills and get diapers for the baby but life isn't always so easy.

I took this picture the day before on the mud flats. These 'pock marks' are from the carp feeding at high tide. Some of them have some huge mouths. Use the oak leaf below as a sign of how big the mouths really are.


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