Thursday, January 5, 2012

Road Music | Washed Out

This is unlike most music I listen to. Not sure how to categorize it either. I came about this artist  accidently when watching one of the MTV channels that actually plays music.

You could say I first heard Washed Out on the intro to Portlandia the TV show.

Then one day last September we were on MTV and came across this video. It wasn't so much the song that caught my eye but the scenery and story. A kid backpacking/bumming around Iceland. He goes from house parties to taking a bath with a hottie, building camp fires, walking on volcanic sand beaches and hithchiking. I was intrigued by the story line and kept the station on as background noise for a day or so until I saw the complete video from the start and learned the artist.

Click Here For Link To Video 
If you are at work and just want to listen to the music, click below.

I listened to a lot of Washed Out on the recent drive to the steelehad water of north east Ohio before the new year. It makes for some good driving tunes. Check him out on Spotify and then download some to take on your next road trip (along with my podcasts)


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