Friday, January 20, 2012

Road Music | Throwback

Here is one of my favorite bands to listen to while in the car. The band broke up a few years ago so you won't find anything new. Search them out on the internet, find their albums, download their live shows. The  song that got me hooked was 'Border Crossing.'

I got into Throwback just as they called it quits. Their harmonies were so well laid out you'll try to sing along with them thinking  you've nailed it. I'm a huge fan of the high hat. Their percussion was spot on. Lots of cymbals and bongos thrown in. I first heard about them through the o.a.r. message board and by the time I got around to wanting to see them live, it was too late. Here is a brief biography of the band:

"The group came together as a trio in 2002, when singer-songwriter Erik Lind teamed up with lead guitarist Mike Libis and drummer/percussionist Micah Shapiro at McGill University. Excited support soon spilled off campus as they kept up a regular concert schedule in and around the Montreal area. After bassist Lisa (Dee) Perusse joined in 2003, the quartet expanded their enthusiastic fan base to the United States.

Citing a difference in musical direction among members, Throwback announced in March of 2006 that the band would be separating indefintely."

They have yet to make it on Spotify.  

Two Steps Closer

Black Coffee


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