Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Preparing For Colorado Drive

I'm driving out to Breckenridge next month. I don't ski. I don't have the coordination. What I do out there is fish with Tom and eat. Here are the reasons I'm driving:

  • I can take the wife and baby's stuff with me
  • I can bring my favorite rod, my Orvis Henry's Fork 2 piece 5wt
  • I can bring my cigar cutter and lighter
  • I can bring my long handled net
  • I can bring dr. jones
  • I can buy fireworks on the way back
  • I can see parts of the country one would normally not see
  • I can bring back micro brews that you can't get here in the Old Dominion
  • I can bring gear that won't fit on the plane
  • I'll also have to bring my cooking gear (knives, pots, pans etc) for the condo as we'll be there for a few weeks
  • my ting gear
  • camp stove and fuel
  • my car (a whole lot cheaper than a rental, and I can smoke cigars in it)
  • a big knife 

As I prepare, I need to clean out my car. I need to put things in it like sleeping bags for me and the hound as we camp in Kansas the first night. I need to pick up road flares and junk food. I'll eat jerky, chips, funions, sunflower seeds, dr. pepper, hot tamales, and cool ranch doritos. You have to pop the bags of chips once you get into Colorado as the air pressure expands them.

I plan on staying at Tom's house the first two nights. I will fish the South Platte for #carp on Sunday as I have gotten some good spots from #FishChat and then pick up my ladies on Monday. We'll head to some Denver biscuit place and gorge ourselves before we drive to the mountains.

I plan on listening to a lot of podcasts. Mike O'meara show, Fish Schtick, Itinerant Angler, Outdoor Podcast, TED Talks, and Live 2 Fly Fish Radio. I might do a book on tape. I am a fan of Bill Bryson so I'll listen to 'Short History' as I do often.

I have not had a solo adventure for a while so I'm looking forward to this one. I hope the jet stream takes a break and doesn't dump a lot of snow on Kansas that week but then starts to dump in the mountains in the days we get there.

I'll be prepared with my pack snow shovel and floor mats in case we get stuck in the snow.

Things I need to tie before I get going:
  • Juju midges
  • micro eggs
  • mysid shrimps 
  • mouse
  • floating midge cripples 

I plan on fishing 11 Mile Canyon, Dream Stream, Blue River, Colorado  River, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, Eagle River, and some other places that Tom knows that I won't tell you about.

More updates a the days get closer.


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