Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look Who's Fly Fishing | Scooter Store Edition

This commercial came on the other day. I usually don't pay much attention to the scooter commercials. There is the one that is owned by a Tom Cruz which made my chemistry co-worker and I laugh when we ate our lunches and watched the Price Is Right.

So I was looking at the pepaw in the scooter and noticed some fishing gear in the room. I took a further glance to figure out what junior was doing in the background. Turns out the kid was tying flies. He had one of those Orvis rotary vises.

There is a nice grey vest hanging up. A big reel displayed for us to see, is that a toy pole horse behind pepaw? Can't figure out what the kid is doing. Looks like he's brushing out a fly or a barbie's wig. The blue pole in the background is quite blue.

Or is that kid sharpening a knife? he looks shifty. That hair helmet and all, pepaw need to watch his back.

Does anyone else think this kids hair looks like a Lego

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