Monday, December 19, 2011

Wading Jackets Podcast

Blog post on the subject matter with pictures

Here is the text to the recent podcast:
S01E30 Wading Jackets – piggy backing on layering podcast
What is a wading jacket?
-term used by anglers for a jacket worn while fly fishing. Typically worn while wading out in the water. Catered and built to suit the needs of the angler.  
Form vs. function
Shell vs. insulated
·         Is it just a protective barrier against the elements
·         Or is it built for warmth
·         Material- gore tex, breathable, waxed, down
·         Protection from what: rain, wind, snow, ice cold,

Fishing company vs. outdoor company
·         You will pay more for a brand name
·         Made by fisherman or other outdoor company
·         Is it catered to fishing needs, hardcore angler vs. weekend warrior
·         What is it built for: Ski, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking,
·         Brands: Loop, Patagonia, kokatat, simms, reddington, orvis, barbour, frog togs, hardwear, north face, ll bean,
·         store in your vest if you wear one of those
·         If its raining, if its going to rain, just in case

Layering underneath
·         Get an extra size
·         Extra zipper for base layer

·         Arm length
·         Articulations- freedom of movement
·         Beverage holder inside
·         Cuffs – Velcro, latex, keep rain out if arm elevated. Keep water out when submerge
·         D rings – on pockets, arms, back
·         Draw strings
·         Height – deep water vs shallow water
·         Hood –articulated, zip off, hat cover, moldable over hat
·         Pockets
o   fly boxes, sandwich, keys,  drain holes
o   mole skin lined
o   put hand warmer packs in there
·         Reflectors – so people can see you. Find on kayaking jackets
·         Rod holder
·         Stitching vs welded
·         Taped pockets
·         Weight – do you want to be wearing a heavy material all day
·         Ventilation pockets – let out body heat
·         Ventilation zippers – let out body heat from arm pits

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