Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fly Fishing Marina Del Rey Part 1 & Dad Duty

THW  has a conference in California next week. This is going to be a  learning experience for me as my priority is being a dad and not fly fishing. Say What!

I have not been to California since 2007. I was fishing for halibut off the beach when I caught a corbina. It was huge. Apparently its a difficult fish to catch on the fly rod, I had some beginners luck. So it would make sense that headed back to Cali for a week would want me to fish for that species again. However this time I am a dad. The baby lady and I will explore Marina Del Rey and up to Venice Beach during the day while THW  is at work. My brother in law will be coming down from Oakland and wants to go inland to see Hollywood. I've been there before and I know traffic sucks between the ocean and tinsel town. I'm hoping this will be my escape to wet a line.

Just look at this place. There are more places to fish in this image than you could shake a switch rod at:

My biggest dillema is how much gear can I take with me while having to take things for the baby lady. I have to take formula, diapers, outfits, sunglasses (she has some now for when we are guiding), car seats, pacifiers, stuffed animals etc). Things I need to bring for fly fishing are switch rod, stripping basket, boot foot waders, fly boxes, reels, chest pack, tippet spools, and a lanyard. Unless I wear the waders on the plane, I probably wont' be able to take them. That means wet wading. I did it last time I was out there and it was cold.

But again, fly fishing is not my priority on this trip. Remember my trip to Oahu this time last year? The baby was still a bun in the oven. I had sunrise to sunset to play around while THW worked. This time its baby lady entertainment. It will be great for her to see the ocean for the first time. It will be awesome for me to gorge myself on some In-N-Out Burger. There is a place that makes coconut crusted fried chicken in Santa Monica. There is a Hawiian place near the hotel that has plate lunch and saimin. Both things I didn't get a good fix on in Oahu.

Of course one of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit the local fly shop. There really are none in this area. The closest is Bob Marriots.

Ever been to Marina Del Rey? Have any suggestions for places to eat? Places where I can wet a line with a baby in a Baby Bjorn? Places for me to wade out while THW and Mike are inland?

I'll keep you up to date and will have posts and pictures when I return. 


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