Monday, November 7, 2011

Bamboo Rods and Classic Reels For Striped Bass

If you fish down at Gravelly Point enough you know Charlie and Eddie. Eddie refuses to switch over to the long rod and continues to toss spoons and what ever else he has. I've been out of the spin fishing game for so long I don't know what is used these days. At least he has gotten into some waders and can wade out with us, he is no longer stuck on the shoreline.

Charlie will switch back and fourth from spin fishing to fly fishing. He likes to fish in style. He fishes bamboo rods for stripers. I don't think I have ever seen someone do that before. He gets his rods from a guy in China at a reasonable price. I'm no bamboo connoisseur but they look nice.

His reels are nice looking too. Take a look at these: 

Next time  you are down there and see Charlie, take a look at his gear. With everyone fishing high modulus (expensive) graphite, large arbor reels, and other fancy schmancy rods, check out the quality hand made stuff that has a bit more style to it.


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