Thursday, October 6, 2011

Uploading a Backlog of Recent Trip Pictures

 Grip and grin
 Catfish on a Clouser
 Fish on
 Snakehead feeding on baitfish
 Sight casting to snakeheads
 Nice bass
 1st fish on a fly rod
 2nd fish on a fly rod
 Kissing a bass

 Tropical Storm Lee flooded the lake and dumped in all sorts of debris. The turtles loved the stumps
 This boat was stranded on top of a dock after the tropical storm flooding
 No complaints from this angler on his birthday
 Another nice fish
 Quality bass
 Huge sunfish
 A quality largemouth bass
 First fish of the trip
 Monster bass and representing with the beer can lanyard
 This pontoon boat floated up during the flood and pulled the dock with it
 Tropical Storm Lee damage on Audubon
 Big log that washed in on Lake Audubon from tropical storm Lee
 My late night striped bass at Gravelly Point
 Salmon and steelhead flies for sale.
 Salmon and steelhead flies for sale
 THW lands her first fish in over a year

 My big catch fishing with THW
 THW fishing on the boat in Reston. Baby lady was with the grandparents
 THW pouring me a glass of cava
 THW passing me a (plastic) glass of cava
 Nice bass on topwater
 Potomac River sunset
 Potomac river sunset
 Moving through spatterdock looking for snakeheads

 The things you find when fishing, a plastic kids truck
 Stalking snakeheads with Tom on Little Hunting Creek
 First fish on a fly, by @flipflopcaravan
 Some kid caught this Potomac walleye on a spoon at Gravelly. 1.5lb
 Big Gravelly Point smallmouth on the fly by Scott
 Crappie on the fly
 Tom's custom net the '11 Mile' being put to work
 Reston red ear sunfish
 Gravelly Point sunset with crescent moon


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