Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions | Podcast Text

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S01E28 FAQ

1.       Are the snakeheads eating everything in the river
2.       Biggest fish you ever caught
3.       Can I bring booze
4.       Can I keep the fish
5.       Do I need a fishing license? If so, which one for dc, md, va
6.       Do I need a sink tip
7.       Do I need bug spray? Will there be mosquitoes on the lake
8.       Do I need extra spools for line
9.       Do I need to bring flies
10.   Do I need to wear a life jacket
11.   Do I need waders
12.   Do I use spin rods or just fly fish
13.   Do snakeheads really walk on land
14.   Do you do this year round
15.   Do you eat fish
16.   Do you ever get bored of doing this
17.   Do you fish tournaments
18.   Do you guide anywhere else? Alaska or Montana
19.   Does your wife fish
20.   Don’t I need to cast back and forth a lot like they do on tv
21.   Have you ever guided someone famous
22.   How did groupon work out for you?
23.   How far do I need to cast
24.   How long do flies last
25.   How long have you been doing this
26.   How many did you sell
27.   How many have redeemed
28.   If we are fishing from the Virginia shore line, why do we need a dc license?
29.   Is that bird a crane
30.   Its 100 degrees out, why do you wear long sleeves and pants, aren’t you hot
31.   What  do I need to bring with me
32.   What brands of rods do you use
33.   What did you study in school
34.   What do I need to bring with me.
35.   What do we do if its raining or thunderstorm
36.   What do you do in the winter
37.   What does a fly fishing consultant do
38.   What if the river is flooded
39.   What is a dry fly
40.   What is a nymph
41.   What is the difference between fly fishing and other fishing
42.   What is your favorite type of water to fish
43.   What kind of boat is that
44.   What rod should I purchase to start fly fishing
45.   What weight rod do I need for around here ( Washington dc)
46.   When did you start fly fishing
47.   Where can I eat around  here before /after fishing
48.   Where did the snakeheads come from
49.   Where did you go to school
50.   Where did you grow up
51.   Where did you meet your wife
52.   Where is your favorite place to fish
53.   Where it the bathroom
54.   Where to buy a fly rod around here
55.   Who is dr jones
56.   Who is your favorite client
57.   Why debarb hook? Wont the fish fall off
58.   Will you do groupon again
59.   With that last name and all, are you a native America
60.   Where c an I get horse meat around here


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