Monday, September 12, 2011

Chickens and Snakeheads - What Would Kenny Powers Do?

Of Chickens and Snakeheads:

Met up with @ScottStankus last night at the Duck Pond. If you are not familiar with the 'duck pond' you may know it by the official name of 'Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary.' It is a tidal pond on the western side of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. One side of the pond has railroad tracks, one side has Crystal City, and the western side has the GW Parkway and a parking lot where people wait as a 'cell phone waiting area' for the airport. There really isn't much there. Thus it was rather strange for the following to have happen:  I was unpacking my gear and watched an animal control van pull into the lot. The driver pulled up to where a bunch of the hired drivers were standing around pigeons. I walked down the sidewalk to get a look at the guy who I thought was going to catch pigeons. On closer inspection they were CHICKENS.

I ran back to my car to get my camera and video camera to get this on film. What a story to share with everyone. A new species of food for the Trent Jones Cat Survivability at Gravelly Point dissertation. Not only could Peanut the cat eat the chickens, we could too. Or at least get some nice feathers for them for Dan to braid into his beard.

The driver got out with a net. No one seemed to know where the birds had come from. They were congregated around a trash can. I asked if I could help and the animal guy looked at me and shrugged. I ran to my car to get my net. Hilarity followed as families waiting for people at the airport started to get out of their cars to watch us chase chickens across the lot and along the woods adjacent to the pond. I never realized how thick the brush was in there. Poison ivy, thorns, burdock, honeysuckle, etc. Scott pulled up and I called his name. He didn't hear me from the airplane overhead. He probably didn't hear the cab drivers and kids shouting down the sidewalk at him too!

Scott came down and quickly went to his car to get a net. The three of us chased the birds along the parking lot and woods. Some birds took to the trees. I did my best Bear Grylls impersonation and was throwing sticks at them to flush them out or stun them. We flushed birds toward another and vice versa. They did not want to be caught. At one point I had a bird pinned to the grass under my net but it got out. Some of the observers were mad at us, telling us to leave the birds alone. I think the issue was one of them ran across the GW parkway earlier and was hit. The cabbies didn't want them to cause an accident. The animal control guy gave up after about 20 minutes. There won't be any fresh roast chicken at Ri Ra tonight. We gave up with him and went out on the water.

There were several large fish that were spooked in the Duck Pond and some big fish swimming around in the flooded spatterdock. They parted the plants as they moved around. None of them would take a fly.


This is what I'm talking about with Bear Grylls and a stick: 


Silly rich Americans, don't know how to catch a chicken. Too much Spongey Bob Squarepants.

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