Monday, August 15, 2011

Recent Fly Fishing Pictures

Wow, I'm exhausted. I had my first day off in 11 weeks the other day. I had this on my list of things to do but never got to it. Today I only had 4 hours of work. And rather than putting in my canoe to go after some snakeheads, I decided to be a good husband and dad and come home to relieve THW so she can go to the gym. Baby lady is sleeping in her rocker. I was hoping THW would drive to the gym and stop off at the auto store next to it to get me some fuses (my driver window won't open) but she wants to run the 4 miles round trip. Who does that?

Its been a busy month and super hot. I rarely noticed the 100 degree temps. It became normal to be out in the heat, except my clients spend most of their time in the air conditioning, we had a couple of close calls with heat related exposure. 

So on to the pictures. Just remember, it doesn't matter the size of the fish, just that we are catching fish. 99% of my clients in these pictures had never picked up a fly rod before. Throw in the fact that they are fly fishing in the hottest summer on record here and during mid day. 

Here are the pictures with a little narrative of each: 

 Helicopters over the Tidal Basin. We had a fish break off a 20lb leader that night. Why use a 20lb leader there? Because THE FISH CAN BREAK SOMETHING THAT STRONG !!!

 This client made me feel really good. She said she had the choice of meeting the Dalai Lama or go fishing with me. You can see the made an amazing choice.
 Th is Domingo. I found him stuck in a tree between two trunks. He was washed down the Potomac during a flood. He now sits next to me on the boat.
 This is an earring a girl made from fly tying materials. She showed up at the last beer tie to check out our materials. Most ladies are using our feathers as hair extensions.

Last week we had the perfect conditions for fly fishing at Gravelly Point. It was raining (no really, it actually rained up here) and it was dusk.  Throw in an outgoing --> slack--> incoming tide. She caught two of these in about half an hour.
 I had a group of 9 anglers last week. It was a bit chaotic. Throw in the fact that the Potomac above Great Falls has been fishing like crap. Now one got a fish. Not a single angler in 4 days got a bite. However the fish were biting, they just happened to be biting us. Every so often you would feel a bit on your legs. And the water had about six inches of visibility so we had not idea what type of fish.
 One of the 9 clients. She is photographing a damselfly on her hand.
 Here is a dragonfly niad coming out of its shell to become an adult. The technical term is 'ecdysis'

 Here it is again with two anglers in the background.
 Found these at the store. French fry holders for your car, as if Americans need any more reason to be glutenous in their cars.
 A Bill Skilton beetle in a client's fly box. What a rare find. I was so jealous.
 First fly caught fish by a client. 
 She follows it up with a nice bass on a dry fly.
 Father and son at Roaches Run.
 Roaches Run spatterdock
 This is where the snakeheads hang out.

 This client knew what he was doing. If the fishing wasn't so awful he would have gotten a fish. Props to his wife for bringing me a Snapple.

 A banded Kilifish, a favorite food item of the Snakehead
 Here is that dragonfly niad again. It was really fast in the water. I had to swipe at it several times in the shallows before I could get it.
Hellgrammitte egg case on a rock.
 Bald eagle!
 Deer crossing the river!
 First fish on a fly rod. Look at the caveman forehead on that fish.
 Double hook up.
 Tiny Elvis would say this sunfish was 'Huge'
Kissing the fish with out any prompt from me.
 And a largemouth bass.
 And a tiny largemouth bass
 Here is a blacknose dace.
 Some kids that go to my high school. Go Seahawks!
 Tiny bluegill
 Potomac river bluegill
 Potomac River sunfish
 A nice smallmouth bass to get her ahead in the fish count

 The picnic table in the middle of the river?

 I had some time to fish for myself one evening. I of course went to the Tidal Basin. On my first cast I caught a bluegill. That's the culprit below. It broke my Orivs Access 9' 8wt rod.

 To prove how bad the fishing has been on the middle Potomac, we watched this cicada drift for fifty yards or so yards toward us and not get eaten.
 I had another group of 9 last week. Rather exhausting.
 One of the guys had a damsel nymph crawl up on him to hatch.

 The guys were getting rowdy.
 A close up of the damsel.

 You can't see from the water spot on my camera lens, but I caught a big turtle.
 Yup, thats better

 One of the nine caught a fish, a yellow perch.

 This is her first fish on a fly rod.

 Then her husband caught a monster redear sunfish.

 This is one small bass.

 Today I caught this baby shad on a bead head pheasant tail nymph.

Thats it for recent images.

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