Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fly Fishing & Earthquakes

We were out on the lake today. Beautiful day. It was all the better thanks to my Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The extremely blue vivid sky with the puffy white clouds and silver streaks of vapor trails from the planes. The bluegill and largemouth were cooperating. I'm not sure if it was due to the beautiful day or because we were out in the canoe. The canoe is more stealthy than the drift boat. We snuck up on several fish, including one monster grass carp.

Around 1:40 a jet fighter passed over head. It was super loud. Either an F-15 or F-16. I cant tell when they are in flight, just when they are grounded (15 has two seats and fins while the 16 has single respectively). We were rounding the corner of Lake Audubon where the farm geese usually hang out. I looked up as my client cast his hopper dropper rig to the shoreline.

We rounded the next bend and he was tossing his flies to the terraced dock. I was looking out toward the dock where I grew up fishing. All of a sudden I heard this noise coming from the west. It sounded like a HUGE moving truck was passing by, as if one was right next to us. I thought it strange to hear a truck from South Lakes Drive so far away. Then I saw ripples move across the water which turned into 6" high waves. The canoe started to toss back and fourth. It wasn't close to capsizing but it was tossing us around really good.

My clients stated that he was hearing a really, really loud truck. At that moment the phone rang. THW said there was an earthquake going on at home and that stuff was rocking back and fourth. She sounded frantic, as I was on a lake there was not much I could do. I told her to go under a doorway with the baby lady and hung up. I of course then tweeted about the situation. Before I got a full grasp on the whole event the water went back to being calm and the canoe stopped shifting us  back and fourth.

Residents along the lake were coming out of their houses and we could hear them shouting across their gardens to their neighbors about the earthquake.

If you follow me on twitter you may remember I saw a similar event a few weeks ago on the lake. A set of waves came across the lake and hit the shore under our feet. There were no boats on the lake so it wasn't a wake. It was similar to that today. However there was nothing on the news about it a few weeks ago.

On my way home I got a phone call from a 610 number. It turned out to be a wrong number. A mom in Pennsylvania was trying frantically to call her son in Richmond. She got me by dialing over and over again and this time accidentally typing 401 instead of 409. We had a long talk as I filled her in on what was going on as she was unable to reach her son. It was kind of nice to give her some good news as the cell phone were mostly down. I was unable to reach THW and this lady could not reach her son. I said there wasn't any visible damage around here and things were going on as normal, just that the phone lines were tied up. Hope she finally got a hold of him. 

So it turns out the quake was a 5.8 on the Richter scale. I then drove to Orvis to drop off more broken rods (this is getting out of control, that's like 20+ broken this calendar year by me and clients). Every other driver was on their phone. Traffic was a mess. It was worse when I drove home on I395. You would think it was snowing out there. Finally got home.

I realized the real reason the earth shifted today. It had nothing to do with subduction, orogeny, or stress being relieved from tectonic plates. Today is the first day that New Belgium Brewing Company had sales in Virginia. I stopped at Total Wine and loaded up on 6 tall bottles of everything they had. Thank goodness for Fat Tire in Virginia. No more having to put cans in my luggage on the way back from Breckenridge or having people drive it up from North Carolina.

I heard rumors that the Washington Monument is leaning.
Thats it kids, time to drink some more beer.


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