Monday, August 29, 2011

Fly Fishing Piscataway Creek, Md

Part of the process to get my captains license is to go to a hotel in Waldorf, Md. and get a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) badge or something. I had it on my calendar for 1pm today and set out an hour and a half early to get there in time as there is always traffic.

I get there early, finish my TMOS podcast and then go into the hotel. I asked the lady at the desk where the TSA thing was and she said 'TSA is here on Tuesdays' and I asked her what day it was, she said Monday. I'll let Emotion Eric express how I felt:

So now I'm 40 miles from home and have to head back. Negative. I've wanted to work on a lead I got from Bass Fishing Nick for over a year. Tidal creeks in Maryland. I dig into the back of my car and pull out my tidal Potomac river map. I see Accokeek creek nearby and it has a 'gravel boat ramp'. I put the road into my phone GPS and headed over. It was maybe 15 min from the hotel to the water. The roads got narrow and the signs of hurricane Irene were more prevalent. Fallen trees hanging over the road, branches in the road, mud piles from the gutters, etc. I got to the boat ramp and there was mud everywhere.

The tide was out and I parked to look around. I figured I had the time, I had my fishing gear, AND I had my canoe on the top of my car. I pulled down the canoe, packed it up, and then noticed some freshly stapled sings on the wood rail 'sewage discharge, do not enter'. Well that was a gross thing to think about. I decided to go anyway since I was there. I had some rubber boots in the back of the car so I could avoid getting my feet wet.

I pulled the boat in and started to paddle through the hydrilla. Lots of baitfish darted out of my way. I paddled up toward the spatterdock and through a few casts. I caught a spatterdock stem and knowing how thick the stuff is, paddled to get it out by hand. I pulled on the fly and THE HOOK BROKE OFF! Wow.

I looked around and saw an osprey trying to dive bomb some fish, a few herons, and ducks. Not much action. The SAV were thick and with the low tide it was not worth it to fish. I paddled back to the car without having seen a snakehead. I'll give the spot a try again. Maybe tomorrow when I have to go back to the hotel or maybe later in the season.


Hopefully you got your TSA badge without any problems. Good luck on getting your captains license. Hope you had better luck the next day at that spot!

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