Sunday, June 19, 2011

Remember Kids, De-barb Your Fly Fishing Hooks

Just a simple reminder to smash those barbs. People get hooked mostly when they rotate their wrist or arm and keep either their forward cast from going in the same plane as their back cast or vice-versa. If there is wind and the line changes direction too. If you do get a hook stuck in your skin, be happy that  you smashed the barb beforehadnd.

I felt ok when this one happened. I had spent all day in first aid class. I had smashed the barb of course. However, we had a bleeder on the boat...

I patched it and we kept on fishing.

Friday had another set of non-fish catches. Robert first hooked his dad in the face.

Most smashed barb hooks slide right out from where they come. This one was not budging. I pulled it a bit and then tried the mono method from which I learned when I put a 4x long size 2 streamer hook through my arm in 2009. He wasn't getting queasy so we agreed to just yank it out and sure enough, it popped out.

Today we had a minor hooking. This damsel hook barely penetrated the epidermal (top skin for  you bio nerds like me) layers. It was more of a scare of having a hook just stop in her arm than actually making any damage.

I'm going to throw this one up in the mix, this is Liz from a month or so ago. She put one in her face.

And yes, I always ask if I can get a picture of the impaled fly before I begin to take it out!


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