Sunday, June 5, 2011

A bunch of recent images from all over the place

I am a bit out of my mind and don't have it in me to write up a bunch of separate posts on all of these images. So I'm going to upload a batch from picasa and just put a short blurb about each. They really are not in order and I'm probably going to fall asleep half way through. 
If you follow me on twitter (@robsnowhite) or on facebook (fly fishing consultant) than you know that we just had a kid. Its our 1st and yes, I am exhausted. 

A catfish released back into the water. It took a small rubber legged nymph. 
 Carp slashing around in the shallows.
 A snakehead (dead center and vertical) on the flooded sides of the Tidal Basin.
 A blue heron in Reston eating a sunfish.
 Miles's Sili Skin spoon fly and its on my portable fly vise.
 Robert E. Simon statue with 5wt rod. Lake Anne, Virginia

 My client's custom fly rod. She built the rod before she learned to fly fish. That is awesome. Most people learn to build their own rods way later in their careers.
 The catfish she pulled out of Lake Anne with the fly rod.

 Robert E. Simon passing a statue of himself. double
 Double hook up, 2 rods, 4 flies, and 2 fish.

 Big sunfish.

 Another double hook up by clients.

 Fish nunchucks.

 Its been the year of the snake so far. I have never seen so many snakes in one year. There are 2 snakes on this dock along the horizontal edge.
 My biggest striped bass from the Potomac.
 Striper release.
 1st striper on the fly.
 Nasty needlefish. There is no fish that smells worse than a needlefish.
 Nick pulls out a nice bass.
 And then a needlefish. And more needlefish. And then a half dozen more. Gross.
 Smallest smallmouth bass all season.
 Then rewarded by a big catfish!
 Miles caught lots of things this day. He pulled out bass and sunfish with a fly rod (spoon fly) and then decided to reach over the drift boat (At Belle Haven Marina) and pull a 4' + watersnake into the boat!!!! Trent almost caught a beaver.
 The bass had spots.

 Trent's beavers.
 Snakehead housing.
 Prime snakhead habitat. Slow water, lots of weeds and SAV, and food.
 An osprey nesting on a catamaran sail boat.
 More snakehead territory. We saw loads of snakes, no snakeheads.

 Ok, this dude was on the edge of the bridge over the Tidal Basin and snagging snakeheads. The fish would come up to breathe, lower down 50lb braided line, a trebble  hook and a bullet weight. He would then lift the line and hook the fish. Every week something on the water amazes me.

 Here is my striper again. Taken on a small pink and silver shad jig.

In addition (that was one of the favorite segues when I worked at Booz Allen, I loathe using it but it is rather stuck in my keyboard vernacular) here are some of the baby pics.

I was on the water guiding when I got the call 4 days early "get your ass to the hospital" and got there in time to shower and get on some paper scrubs. Kirsi was born at 7:59pm on 5/29. 6lb 1 oz and smaller than a snakehead.


Congratulations on the new family addition! Best picture of the bunch!
Scott Allen

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