Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent Images | Reston & Kids Fly Fishing

We sight cast to this largemouth which chased the popper on 1st cast and then took the damsel nymph on the 2nd cast.

Check out the blue hues on the largemouth. Lots of fish have this coloration this year.
Big and beautiful pumpkinseed.

First fish on a fly rod. 6th grader. She gets one on the 'Foam Depot' and one on the damsel dropper.

12th grader lands the biggest fish of the day.

Bug-eyed bluegill.

Smallest fish of the day. I call these 'fish-tank sized'.
Water snake sunning itself-in the shade on a nasty old pontoon boat.

This was the first landed fish on Sunday. It took the damsel nymph just past the end of a pontoon boat.
2 flies - 2 fish. Bass nunchucks.


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