Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent Images | Big Reston Bass

I have been fishing Lake Audubon for 30 years now. This is the 2nd largest bass I have seen pulled out. Dominic threw a medium black and mylar foam bug up against the bank in a shaded spot on Saturday morning and the water exploded. I had no idea how big the bass was until we got it in the boat. Maybe that fish damaged the rod because the rod 9'6" 6wt broke in half yesterday. Anyway, congrats to Dominic. I still maintain 100% catch rate for anyone who has fished in my boat since 1990. 

This one was smaller but still fun.

A goose nesting on one of those unused pontoons.

And here for the sad part of the day, a gravid (full of eggs) female largemouth bass floating in the lake.
She had swam into a discarded 6 pack ring and got stuck. She grew to a size that did not allow her to open her gills (opoerculum) anymore. She had recently died. Truly sad and avoidable.

 A pretty and large sunfish.

 Miles from TPFR enjoying an afternoon on the boat. He was casting from the bow in this one. His rubber legged nymphs tore it up. 
Miles spots a cloud of mud in the water. CARP!
A goose egg abandoned on another pontoon.


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