Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recenet Images

Recent images from Reston and Potomac River. 

Some tiny schoolies arriving in the Potomac

1st fish on a fly rod.
1st fish on a fly rod.
Largemouth eating copper johns.

2 flies = 2 fish. Bass nunchucks !

1st crappie from the lake since 1994. Double hookup.
Big bluegill.
Casting bugs to fallen trees = nice fish.

Playing with the Temple Fork Outfitters 11' 6wt Deer Creek Switch rod
Homemade spears on the Potomac for snakeheads.
This spear is made from a cut up barbecue grill top. 
Tiny schoolie striper.
Painted turtle.
White perch eating big Clouser flies.
The feds busting guys with spears.

Discarded cast nets on the Potoamc shore with dead bycatch.


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