Monday, May 23, 2011

Fly Fishing For Carp

I met Basil at a small business conference last winter. We planned on fishing for several months and finally got out together on Friday last. We headed down to the flooded Tidal Basin. From the bridge I could see gar, snakeheads (one of which I hooked from the bridge), needlefish, and carp. I watched the carp splashing in the flooded grasses across the basin via binoculars as I waited for Basil.  There was even a snakehead chilling on the flooded sidewalk.

Basil arrived and we walked to the flooded area. The carp were literally under our feet. We started fishing and got into our first fish withing a few minutes. We were fishing foam depots as strike indicators with bead head Kaufman rubber legged stones as droppers. The problem with catching a carp on a flooded sidewalk is that they head for deeper water when you set the hook. The carp immediately went off the sidewalk and down into the depths of the Tidal Basin.

Basil and I both landed the first carp of our fishing careers. We were hooking into them every 15-20 minutes. One of the fish broke off 8lb Seaguar so I switched up to 20lb Berkley Vanish Spool for insurance purposes.

My first carp took the fly and was off. I hollered for Basil to get the net and he waded through the knee deep sidewalk as I beached the fish. We took several pictures and released it.

Basil hooked into two monsters. His rod was bent and I was waiting for the graphite to explode. We were using Orvis Hydros 9' 6wt  and the Orvis Hydros 966-4 rods. One with a Orvis mid arbor reel and one with an Orvis DXR.  Basil beached both carp which were much bigger than the one I landed. The fish threw the hooks as soon as they were on dry land and flopped around to get back in. I was not fast enough with the net. Basil was making River Monsters look like a wus.

In addition to the big carp, several orange koi like fish were swimming around, Basil hooked a needlefish, and I hooked two gar. One gar was beached and threw the hook before I could pin it down for a photograph. I pushed a gar with my rod tip and the one it was swimming with (mate?) leaped out of the water and into my thigh! Basil then hooked a tiny bass on his foam depot.

By 4pm Basil had to get to the driving range and I had to get to Lyon Hall.

It was an epic afternoon of carp fishing. We both had never hooked or landed a carp before and by the end of the day we had each caught and landed a handful. Awesome.

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