Sunday, May 1, 2011

Essential Gear | Fishpond Pitchfork Clippers / Nippers

Good nippers are up there with a good 10" chef's knife in the kitchen. It is one of those tools you need to have on the water.

I started clipping my tippets and tag end with finger nail clippers from People's Drug (thats CVS to you kids out there),  then matured to fancy metal nippers from the plastic bin on the fly shop register counter. I graduated from there to the modern nippers that run about $8 on the gadget section of the fly shop wall. I even experimented with the ceramic blade ones. It wasn't till last season that I first tried the Fishpond Pitchfork Clippers

Its an odd shaped tool. Elongate with oval indentations for your fingertips to grasp and force the blades to cut your mono. Its strong enough to cut 30lb leader butt section with ease and precise enough to get 6x tippet tag ends off your midges.

You might be scared by the price but its well worth it. Get a bright colored set so if you drop them like I did (the retractor broke off my lanyard while fishing a flat in Oahu last November) you will be able to find it.

Ditch the current nippers you are currently using and get a pair of these. Trust.


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