Monday, May 30, 2011

Brief E-mail Q&A With Client

Q: What type of line were we using there? whats the best method for varying the depth you fish? Adjusting the fly or line? Any fly recommendations?

We were using sinking tip and floating tip lines. I think you had the floating tip and Rachel had a 7wt sink tip on a 6wt rod. To vary depth with a floating line which is what I presume you now have, allow more time for your fly to sink before retrieving or stripping the line. You can put a bb split shot (Walmart sells them cheap) above your fly to sink it. Flies for out there would be Clouser minnows and bonefish crazy charlies. The slower you strip in the fly the deeper it will go. Each pause between strips will allow that fly to sink just a bit more before the next retrieve brings it back up. Cast out into the current, perpendicular to shore, and allow the fly to swing with the current downstream. As it is moving from out into the river to the bank it will slowly sink, when the fly line is parallel to the shore begin to slowly strip it in. The stripers, perch, shad, herring, bass, and what ever else might be out there will hit the fly as it is stripped in.

Hope that answers your question, feel free to shoot me an e-mail if that does not clarify.


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