Friday, April 29, 2011

Road Music | Virginia Coalition aka VACO

Q: What do you get when  you mix southern rock and D.C. Gogo?
A: Virginia Coalition

A local band in the D.C. Metro area and local to me ( they grew up down the street from here). They mix southern rock with local percussion and their live show can't be beat. Sure you can get any of their various albums of VACO v. 1.0 (including Steve) and VACO v.2.0 without Steve. Their live shows are full of amazing energy and character.

Paul pounds on his percussion instruments and plays the piano and Andy Thunder plays electric with a side of bongo (as Pub24 would say bongobongobongo). Throw in some classic songs from the 80's known as '80's for the ladies' and you get a well rounded show. Buy some albums off Amazon or download some live shows from VACO's archive.

We are such huge fans THW and I celebrated our engagement on 3.29.02 by going to their show at the 9:30 club.

You don't have to take a listen but think of what you will be missing by not taking a chance and purchasing an album or downloading their live shows. You will have that much less entertaining music to listen to on our next road trip to your favorite stream.

The above pictures were taken at one of our favorite weddings, Mike and Carrie Sarnofsky. VACO played a private show and it was phenomenal!


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