Monday, April 4, 2011

Potomac River Smallmouth In Lieu of Shad

How is that for a novice!

I introduced several people to the art of sport of fly fishing this weekend. The weather was lousy but they made the best of it. Everyone dialed in their roll casting and working a fly in the water. It was not their fault that the fish were not biting, it was the major drop in water temps. Today however had 80 degrees and sunshine. The water warmed up and the above picture shows you what that jump in warmth can do. Congratulations!

We also watched a bald eagle fly up river, saw ospreys dive bombing shad, and countless blue herons while out on the river. A barefoot boy dip netting shad, a family who dumped a pile of chicken livers on the rocks before they went home, and a family descend the rapids in a canoe.

And here is a contest for the River's largest dip net. Who wins?


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