Monday, March 21, 2011

Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms & Potomac Shad

I spent the early part of the afternoon walking around the tidal basin. The trees are a few days away from full peak. I'm looking forward to getting out there when the water is surrounded by hundreds of cotton candy looking trees. It is one of the prettiest sights in the area.

From the Tidal Basin I drove up to Fletchers. I had a chat with Ray about the history of the spillway, the first hickory shad showing up today, and the canal being filled this weekend. From there I met with a client for a 2 hour fishing plus walk. We had to park at Fletcehrs due to the one way out of the city traffic. If we parked at the bridge we would have to take the back roads through the city or take the Beltway.

We followed the canal up and past the bridge. We spotted a few carp and one of them leaped out of the water. Getting to the river was easy as the tide was out. The shad were everywhere. Unfortunately, the flies often foul hook or get snagged in the shad due to the population density of the migrating fish. For every tug of the line there is often a fish that is foul hooked. Every so often we get one that takes a fly in the mouth. Some might argue that the fish was snagged in the mouth as they don't feed. We already know that these are filter feeders and would not eat what these flies are meant to imitate - if they mimic anything that would be food in the first place. They are gaudy and flashy and get in their way and they use their mouths to move the fly which then results in a fair hook up. We do not photograph the foul hooked fish. Foul hooking fish is just an unfortunate incident this time of year.

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