Monday, March 14, 2011

Fly Tying Materials | Bob Smith Industries Super-Gold Glue

I'm not sure where and when some of the staples of fly tying came around. Every tying event I go to and on the message boards everyone swears by Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails in lieu of head cement for tying. Then there is the Zap-a-Gap glue. Its in all the catalogs, there are DVD's on using it in fly tying, and its for sale in all the shops.

I've used both and after a recent trip to the local hobby shop and some talking with some building pros, I was offered a better alternative. I now use Bob Smith Industries Super Gold Glue. This is my new go-to product for sealing knots, hardening material, and any general purpose fixative when tying.

It is safe on foam (one of my favorite products to tie with) and dries relatively fast. I often get my hands stuck to objects on my tying table. It is odorless and clear.

I have to thank the guys at the hobby shop for turning me onto this product. Next time you are in need a strong glue for your tying table, trust me on this one and pick up this product.

Warning, don't spill it on your last good pair of Carhart pants.

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