Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fly Fishing Snacks | Sunflower Seeds

If you have ever fished with me you know I like the sunflower seeds. They not only taste good but they keep me from paying attention.

It started with regular ones for years and then I discovered BBQ flavor on a trip to Boston in 1992. I did not get into Ranch flavor until my summer in Breckenridge in 2005.  I probably eat half a bag each day out fishing. If I'm wearing waders I put the bag in the hand warming pouch, if fishing with my shoulder bag they are in the side pocket. Other times they are dumped into my shirt pocket or the bag is rolled up in my pants pocket.

I get in trouble when I eat them in the car and spit the shells out the window, they often blow back in and THW gets pissed at me. She makes me spit them into an empty Gatorade jug. As I'm typing this I want to get a mouthful.

On a side note, you can use the shells to determine the change of tide on the Potomac. Spit the shells in the water and when they start changing directions in the water, the tide is changing.

I've been told to try the dill pickle, nacho, and other flavors. I've been told to switch brands. I've been loyal to Davids for years and I'll stick with ranch now (unless they come out with Sriracha Ranch).

PS, Dollar Tree sells them for $1 a bag.

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