Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

 Client Erik on local stream. Its amazing this is just a few miles from Washington D.C. He is used to fishing out west and found a stream he can work near his new home.
 The water was dark and it was windy, like super windy. We had to get out of there due to the branches falling. Some were close. He managed to have one big trout chase his fly that we didn't see till the fish showed the white of its mouth. Then he landed this one.

 This fish was foul hooked, goes to show what is in the Potomac tribs this time of year. TPFR member Victor weighted it at just under 6lbs.

 Look at that gullet!
 This carp was caught on corn and dough. It weighed just under 19lbs.

 Here are some more pics of the Potomac goldfish. That is a rather sparse group of them. When I left the river at dusk I could not see the river bottom. I kid you not it was completely covered with carp.
 Here are some cress bugs from my fishing trip with Erik. We were supposed to to fish 4 Mile Run but the 40mph winds would make it impossible. Thus we hit up the stocked stream. I have been sampling this water for 6 years and never found these guys.

 Scuds like this is what I normally find.

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