Friday, February 11, 2011

Carp Fishing With Frank

Luckily I only had an hours worth of office work to do when Frank called. He had the day off and wanted to go target some carp and invited me along. A sunny day with temps hovering below freezing. I was in.

We met at the Pier 1 Imports parking lot and assembled our gear. I brought out the 14' 9wt rod and Frank had a 9' 6wt. We tied on some flies and headed to the water. We climbed up to the old bridge and looked down. The water was still high as the tide was rolling out. Gizzard shad were breaking the surface left and right. We went down to the water and started casting. No complaints about the weather. Frank told me a story of a a guy who recently threw a glass beer bottle at him from above on a bridge. Some nice people around.

I foul hooked a gizzard shad and Frank landed one. The tide was rolling out and we could see the goldfish and shad in the now shallow water. If you ever hook a gizzard shad, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Those have to be the foulest smelling fish next to a needle fish. My glove brushed against the fish and I could get a wiff of the stink when the wind blew upstream. :barf  They also have creepy looking goat eyes.

We reeled in our lines and went back up to the bridge. We could see orange goldfish in the 12"-18" range swimming around and some big carp. We dissected the water below as being shallow flats on the left and deeper to the right and a deep channel in the middle where the fish were stacking up. Frank luckily had waders. He decided to be the guinea pig and go down to the stream and wade out onto the flat. His first attempt was a bit messy with deep water but he found a shallow spot to get 3/4 of the way out. His casts were directly over the stacked up fish.

Note the goldfish in the center of the ring of water

Big carp and some lens lint

The carp were at least 30" and looked as wide as a bucket. They were cruising up and down while the goldfish held in place. None of the fish appeared to be effected by wake from Frank wading in.

I spotted fish from above and gave their locations to Frank. The carp were moving up and down and mudding. Big clouds of mud and bubbles indicated their direction. There was a strange smell of popcorn and cheesesteaks in the air. I was hungry.

Frank threw nymphs and streamers to them. One fish came up and gobbled his strike indicator. Frank couldn't see the bikers and joggers behind him but they sure stopped to see WTF someone was doing standing in the middle of 4 Mile Run.

He worked those fish for a good 45 minutes before I had to pack up to avoid 395 traffic.
We are one step closer to learning how to catch the winter carp on a fly in this section.


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