Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beers and Fly Tying

Had a small get together last week with some friends in the industry. I had a cheese course (Prima Donna, Beemster truffle gouda, epoisses, and some other randoms) and made a roasted squash risotto. We dove into the beers early (Red Hook and Flying Dog and a bottle of Chianti) and started to tie.

The focus was mainly on getting the shad boxes stocked. I helped one newbie out by teaching several of my go to patterns from foam ants, beetles, bugs, pheasant tails, san juans, sucker meth, and more. We cranked out several dozen flies and had a good time. 

 Trent's Yosemite Sam shenanigans
 Brad's shad patterns
 Dalton's shad patterns

 I was laughing while he was tying this and it was funny at the time. I have no idea what was so funny now that I look at the image.
I'll start filling up my shad boxes in a week or so. The fish should be in the last week of March.


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