Thursday, December 9, 2010

Road Music | Bedouin Soundclash

I was exposed to Bedouin Soundclash through the band O.A.R. several years ago. Since then I have become a big fan of theirs and be sure to play their music on my road trips. The band is a trio from the great white north. They are a ska/reggae band with some in depth lyrics. Listen to them mix social issues into their narratives. Lots of percussion, a pinch of feedback, strong bass feeds, and harmony balance out the trio.
Check out their wikipiedia page for more information. As I am not a music critic, I won't try to be one. I'll just say I like this band and you should check them out. 

I missed their recent show here in D.C. as I was recovering from surgery.  I had been looking forward to getting to see them live for the first time as I missed their show two years ago. I just couldn't make it. However, as I recovered from surgery I was watching a lot of TV. I stumbles upon Chuck's Day Off while sitting on the couch. He was cooking something interesting so I stayed with the program. Then I heard Bedouin Soundclash in the background.  The show has now become a favorite. If he is cooking good looking food AND playing one of my favorite bands, I'm going to notice. He has featured the band on several other episodes.

Some of my favorite songs are:
"Dub in the Kalamegdan"
"Eloween Deowen"
"Mandrake Root"
"Music My Rock"
"Gyasi Went Home"
"Bells of '59"

Below are links to their albums, don't get lost listening to the music. Pay attention to the lyrics.


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