Wednesday, December 29, 2010

People That Are Doing It | Fly Fishing | MacGyver

Did MacGyver and a Romanian soldier go fly fishing?

Season 6 Episode 3: Humanity
MacGyver - The Complete Sixth Season

I would gladly provide you the actual streaming episode. However, I fear the Phoenix Foundation or DSX might find out about me publishing covert operations on the internet and bring me down.

Thus I bring you screen shots:

Mac was unable to disarm a bomb. He throws it into a safe that he managed to break open in less than 2 minutes with the aid of an intercom.

He gets shot and kidnapped by a Romanian soldier and they take a car and head off into the woods. Would you believe it? The trunk is full of fishing gear.

Will Mac use a gum wrapper to make a fly like he did in a previous episode? or will he use his new telescoping fly rod to tap into a spring and drink fresh water like he did in the Sasquatch episode? Read more.

Now we find Mac and soldier by a pond. Its supposed to be Eastern Europe but it sure does look like California to me.

But wait, soldier has a flash back to fishing with a friend. He had to kill his friend in a duel and is now sad. He does not want to wet a line now with Mac.

Before long the soldier's boss finds them and they put Mac into a prison cell in a farmhouse. This is as scary as the time Selma and Patty got ahold of Mac.

Mac gets out with out the use of a tank of compressed air, freon gas, or a bulldog named Frog. His soldier friend gives him the collapsable fly rod when he discovers Mac escaping. What a friend!

Mac is off into the woods and would you believe it, Pete Thornton is in a helicopter and looking for his friend. Pete to the rescue!

Mac builds a flare bomb from the tailpipe of the car that had all the fishing gear in it. He signals the chopper and it lands in a field. Rugh-ro the soldiers capture Pete and Mac in the clearing. They let Mac go and followed him to the clearing. Soldier was behind the whole trap.

The soldiers take Mac and Pete down the trail. Wouldn't you know it, the soldiers didn't frisk any of them and Mac still has his rod.

Look at all of those pleats in his pants! I think he is going to set up a trip wire with the line, then trip the soldiers and when they fall, he will pick up their guns and throw them into the woods, punch them and knock them out in one punch, and then shake his fist in pain. Wow that was a mouthful.

I guessed wrong. He holds onto the tippet and throws the reel into the Northern California looking woods.
The reel is a click and pawl. I know this because Mac tugs on the line and the reel screams. It screams so loud that all of the soldiers turn their head to see what is the commotion. With that Mac and the others take out their fists and bust up the soldiers. A gunfight and grenade explosion follow and the soldiers are all dead. Oops, spoiler alert. 

Mac and Pete are at the clearing again and they are safe. Mac is wearing a security blanket to make him feel better.  Unlike Oprah and Gayle, Mac never did end up using that fly rod for its rightful purpose. However we did learn a valuable lesson. 

If ever you are kidnapped by Romanian freedom fighters and end up in a stolen car with a fly rod in the trunk, hold onto it, you might need it to booby trap a trail and get out of the sticky situation. Or at least that's what Lee David Zlotoff has in mind for you if ever the need arises.

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  1. Any idea what rod MacGyver used or where I could get one?