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Hawaii Part 5 | Lots of Adventure

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I woke up and headed to the hotel front desk. I was going to Hickam AFB to try and get on base and fish. I had my military volunteer badge and was hoping it worked. I got my bus information from the hotel and headed to the bus stop. I waited for 20min and got on the bus. The bus headed along the shore and I was able to see parts of the island I would have missed.

After 45min we get to the gate. Rather than dropping us off at the gate, we drove through the gate. A guard entered the bus and checked our badges. Mine was not accepted so I had to get off and exit. I waited for another bus but nothing. I began to walk back. Lets just say I eventually got a bus and by the time I got back it was early afternoon. I headed back to the marina to fish the flat.

I passed the local camping community and onto the marina walkway. 

The canoes were making a lot of noise and the only sign of life was the sea turtle. After casting for a half our or so I felt a tug on my line. I set the hook and brought to hand what I thought was a needle fish. I didn't want to handle it for long to avoid the stink and teeth. I quickly realized it was not a needle fish but a trumpet fish. I had never caught one before. By the time I got the camera out the fish threw the hook and was off. It was nearing sunset so I headed back to the hotel.

Here are some hotel room-view pictures. This shows how far I had walked in the past post. In the bottom left- right piece of land is Magic Island. The top most piece is where I caught the speckled fish, near the pink building. You can see how far I had to swim from the edge of the reef to the white sand. Its FAR!

In this image you can see the flat off the jetty where I caught the trumpet fish.
We watched the sunset and headed out to dinner.

The next morning had me up early. Now that I knew how to use the bus,  it was time to utilize it. I hopped on the bus toward DH. We were dropped off at the base of the trail up to the crater. I asked how to get to the beach and the driver pointed down the road and said to take the right split. I set off.

One thing I strive for when traveling is to not look like a tourist. My fishing garb makes me look different anywhere I go and people don't know if I'm local or traveling. My walk took me along a busy road. I passed all sorts of residential neighborhoods and really had no idea where I was going. On more than one occasion a rented Jeep waved me down and asked for directions. Each time they were looking for the trail up to the DH crater. As I had just walked from there, I gave them directions, which gave me an edge on not looking like a tourist. Good thing no one asked me how to get to the beach.

The road split and I headed to the right. I passed gated  houses and could see the ocean through their windows. I was getting close.

My walk brought me to several lookouts. I could see surfers below and knew there would be a trail down to the water at some point. I passed a few more look outs and finally came to surfer parking. I followed the trail down to the water. This is where I had caught that wras a few days before.

And if there is one thing you learn from all of this is that you need not bring a water bottle with you to Oahu if you plan to fish the beaches. Every park or every hundred yards or so there is one of these surfer park areas. There are water fountains and showers. I took a quick drink and headed to the beach. I fished a bit to the left and then double backed and decided to fish toward Waikiki.
I passed the reef where the bait guy had been, passed the area where I was stung by a bee (I tried to rescue a honey bee from the surf, it thanked me by sticking its stinger in my thumb and eviscerating itself. The bee died and I was stuck with a sore thumb for the remainder of the trip.) I passed the strange man with the rock wall and the umbrella. I was casting the whole time but not seeing any fish. I came to the end of the beach where the local was fishing off the street.

I walked up to the road and sat on the wall to look for fish. As the last time I was here, I noticed all of the parked cars with a single dude sleeping in the passenger seat or awake and reading the paper. No women. Strange.

I sat for 20-30 min and caught my breath. I recorded some audible notes on my digital audio recorder. I saw no fish so I decided to head back to Waikiki.  I could take the road or walk the sea wall. I put my bag down along the wall on the sand and cast to the reef. The tide was going out and the lower water exposed all sorts of holes in the reef. Tide pools were clear enough that I was not sure if there was water in them. Tiny crabs and fish darted around. I was able to catch one of the fish with my bare hands.

I can now include the Pacific as places where I have caught fish with my bare hand. As that was the only fish around, I picked up my bag and headed down the beach rather than the road. I decided to take the wall in the event I spotted some bonefish.
I was pinned against a wall and timed the crash of the waves. I ran between them and was caught by a big splash. I got to safety and turned around to look back where the wave got me. Thats when I saw one. A shafted bonefish. There was a but neked dude sitting on a ledge on the sea wall.  He was more or less squatting with his dangler getting a full douse of sunshine. I waved and kept going. Who does that? I mean really. That was someone's backyard.

I got to to the end of the walkable area (where I had put in the other day) and noticed the following sign. Yup, it was a nude beach for sure. As least for one person. I walked the road back to Waikiki and decided on a cold soda over a water. I stopped at the ABC and the lady at the counter asked if I wanted bread. I said no, a cold corn syrup beverage was all. It was now about 1pm and I walked up to the international market.

I was in the mood for Asian food and stopped at Choi's Kitchen. I ordered the teriyaki and rice with a side of jeb chai. I knew about those noodles as we get them all the time back home.

Turns out the lady working lives here in Annandale and was out there for a few weeks to help her family. Its a small world.
I was a bit tired from the walk and decided to take the ABC lady up on her bread offer. I figured it out, I had a fishing pole and the locals feed the fish in the park bread. I went back and got a loaf of cheap white bread.
I headed back to the beach and onto the jetty. I started to toss in balls of bread and drew a crowd.

The first to arrive were the needle fish. Not the big ones I had seen the other day. But lots of them. 
Then the state fish showed up. One of the girls watching was able to pronounce its name. I gave her some bread and she joined me in feeding the fish.

The commotion of the fish drew other fish. Something big showed up. We knew when this fish was about to strike as all other fish scattered. The fish would push the water in a V shaped wake in front of it, grab the bread, and make a big splash.

I was waiting for some big fish and some bonefish but nothing spectacular showed up. Maybe early morning was the best time to feed these fish. Oh, and if you are wondering, I had broken my rod down and put it in its travel sock and attached to my bag.

I'm glad I brought polarized lenses for my camera. We went through about half the bag of bread and I decided to head back to the hotel. I followed the beach and wet a fly here and there off the sea walls -where people were not splashing. No fish.

I had to get tying and organizing my gear for Friday. THW's co-worker had a car and we were going out to places other than this beach.


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