Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zebra Mussels | Pre-Fly Fishing Community History

 I am pretty sure you could not avoid mention of Zebra Mussels in any current fly fishing periodical. You probably can't avoid a sign about them at your local boat ramp or the boat ramp you pass on your next fly fishing trip. You probably have seen a sign about them in the angler parking lot. On a side note, the above and below images are not mine.

But where did all of this start out? (btw, I'm typing this instead of Hawaii part 4 because I forgot all of my Hawaii notes in  Ohio.) What is the Zebra Mussel and where did it come from?

Why is it such a common hot topic along with the other introduced organism, the Didymo which is always followed by the term 'rock snot?'

I stumbled upon a whole lot of information about the Zebra Mussel last night while trying to finish my Out of Eden, On Odyssey on Ecological Invasion.

There are two ways I can convey to you the history of this organism being introduced into the United States via ballast water and how we as anglers are possible vectors in its transmission from one body to another.

I could read to you the article in a podcast or I can send  you to the chapter via Google Books. This will have to suffice until I can obtain a .PDF version of the book, post it here, and cite it to avoid being sued and having all of my fly fishing vectors taken away from me.

In this chapter you will find the life history of the creature, its amazing ability to withstand adverse conditions, how, where, and when it has been introduced to a variety of waters (some of which may be your home water), and its ability to reproduce and create blankets of shells that can weigh in the tons and tons of tons, coat various objects-including their own species.

You will gain a whole new perspective that you won't get from boat dock and parking lots sings.

You will learn a whole lot more than your favorite fly fishing magazine has published. I know, I read a lot of them and see a lot of warning signs at lakes and rivers.

It was not until reading this chapter last night that I got the whole picture about Zebra Mussels. Take a read and learn something new.


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