Monday, November 8, 2010

Recent and Not So Recent Photos | The Week In Review

The fishing has been great, the catching has been lousy. Several trips to the Tidal Basin, Gravelly Point and one to Accotink Creek. We have been turning fishing trips into casting trips as the fish have not been cooperating into taking a fly. The weather has been gorgeous with the leaves changing.

The 'Basin has been fishing slow. Fish have not been busting the surface and making themselves known. We  have fished different tides, tide changes, times of day, moon phases, etc. Fish just are not cooperating there. The gates are blocked with garbage on the river side, up to about four feet. I'm not sure if that is preventing water from entering as only two gates appear to be open. Piles of plastic bottles, plastic toys, broken plastic junk, branches, logs, more plastic, and some more plastic.

The water yesterday was flowing in brown and cloudy and the color was like the ying and yang sign as compared to the water in the 'Basin. Plenty of cormorants working the inflow but no fish worth casting to. Regardless we worked on the basic casting stroke and roll casting. The light has been really great at dusk and plenty of wedding photographers have been out with bride and groom. Tourists continue to ask the same questions, 'what are you fishing for?', 'catch anything yet?', and 'what kind of fish are in here?'

Gravelly has had the same results. Fished various tides, times of day, moon phases, etc. We got a few nibbles but no fish landed. The water there is still rather warm. The cold nights should start cooling things down. One decent sized fish chased a Clouser to the boat and disapeared. The water has been very shallow too with only one day of rain in several weeks. The only thing worth photographing was Meg's Limited Edition Orvis Zero Gravity Trout Unlimited Rod. That stick was beautiful and a joy to cast.

For those of you who have never fished Gravelly, this is how close the planes fly above. These shots were taken with the 35mm lens with no zoom. Ok, maybe just a bit of zoom on the last shot. It is very loud too.

Accotink has been the only fish producing water. We fished Saturday afternoon. The water was off color, tea-stained with all of the tannins from the falling leaves. The water was really cold too. My hands went numb from flipping over rocks in search of bugs to show the clients. There ware about 10 other fly anglers on the water. We walked upstream towards 495 and fished the bridge structures and pools along residential backyards. I tied on a green hot bead wooly bugger that has been in my Wheatley box for years. I'm not sure whose fly it is. It may have been one I found on a tree. Anyway, the fly was the perfect size and had just enough weight to sink down in the shallow water. After a few holes a nice brown trout decided to take the fly. This was the first fly caught fish by the client. Congrats. And all within a few hundred feet of the Beltway. BTW, not the ideal way to hold a trout but for a first timer he did a decent job.


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