Monday, November 29, 2010

Pissed off On Monday Rant

 I had a lot of stuff planned today. Get to the gym for the first time in a month (surgery and travel have kept me out), run errands (the wife needed crumbled Gorgonzola), clean my office, write and record a podcast, etc.

So my Verizon Wireless LG Ally broke for the 2nd time last week. The phone was purchased in June of this year. I have it to run my small business when I am away from the house. I check weather so I don't get zapped by lightening, I check tides so we know when to fish, I check e-mail and voice mail, and answer calls.

Emotion Eric conveys my emotions for me:

However, the crappy phone keeps breaking. The sound turns off. i can't hear people on the other end of the phone unless it is on speaker. The first time they told me it was the microphone and they sent me a replacement. While that new phone was in the air the original miraculously started working again. I sent the replacement back.

Last week the same thing happens. I go to the Verizon store in C'bus Ohio and they put me on the phone with customerless support. The guy's first solution is to turn off my phone and restart. As if I had not tried that. Then the guy on the phone has me take out the battery. I did that already and if it had worked I would not have been there. Then he has me press a bunch of buttons and that wipes my phone clean. All apps are gone. All bookmarked web pages are gone. All contacts are gone. Its as if I get a new phone. And then he calls it and guess what, the phone is still broke.

So they tell me to expect a replacement again in Fed Ex form.

I set out to run my errands today. Do you know how friggin hard it is to find a fireplace bellows? I ask you where to buy one because I can't find one. Sure the hearth store sells them but they are woven with Dodo leather and Yettie hairs and cost a few hundred bucks. Does no one around here other than me require forced oxygen into their fireplace coals? I stopped at 4-5 stores today. Sure there are some online but this is a product I'd like to see first hand.

So I get home from my errands (yes, I got the Gorg). As soon as I take off my jacket there is a knock on the door. Fed Ex guy.

I unpack my new phone. Set it up, and reinstall all of the apps. I spend a good 25 min installing my business e-mail accounts and social networking apps. I get my first call (Frankie) and guess what, the piece of crap does not have any sound.

I call Verizon and my options are A. get a 3rd phone in the Fed Ex or B. buy a whole new phone and be stuck with the replacement they sent me. I could sell it online. Sure, now that it has been touched the depreciation sets in and its not worth as much.

I go to the store and they tell me the same spiel. Why don't they have trained employees who can troubleshoot a product? They all sit there behind their kiosks with their cell phones and play games rather than actually help me. What a load of crap. I commend the guy who threw a brick threw their window (I found lots of broken glass around the store, apparently their cleaners are just as inept). That guy was probably just as pissed but acted on it physically rather than taking to the internets. I'd rant more about that experience but there is a Capitals game on that I want to watch while THW is at the gym. The are sending me a 3rd model.

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