Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hawaii Part 3 | Food & Fish (but not fish as food)

Sunrise. Its hot out. No wind. We eat ABC leftovers and head out to Waikiki beach. We don't have our luggage so I'm still wearing Patagonia silk weight, camo pants, and thankfully Chaco flips. THW is stuck with flips, a wool sweater, and Capri pants. Sucks to be THW. We walk the beach and along the hotels which are adjacent to the water. Lots of people about. I am still new to the public beach thing. I grew up spending my free time on a private beach near Palm Beach. I had the whole place to myself, from sand to coral reef. Crowds on beaches are strange to me. Surfers, body boarders, boogie boarders, sun bathers, bums, locals, tourists, etc. 

We pass a child learning guitar, people jumping off sea walls, and what ever else you can imagine on a public beach in paradise. I break out the switch rod at the sea wall and start throwing a shad dart sized Clouser and get a lizard fish. We even see a dog on a boogie board.
People start their 'psst, hey, over here' lines as they see me with a fly rod. The locals tell me to fish over here, fish over there, the bones are 10lb here, and 12lb there. Gots to get up early in morning down by the hotels on the sand for them, throw bread for them in the park, fish down there. etc. 
Everyone up and down the beach has a different theory on where, when, and how to catch bonefish or oio. I feel like Rachael Ray in the $40 a day show where every local gives her a tidbit of info on where to eat. 
 THW wants to chill on the beach so she gets a towel at the ABC and I wander off down toward Diamond Head. We pass the park where the bones will come up to eat bread. No fishing here of course. Not even allowed to have fishing equipment in the park.

We pass through the park and I drop off THW. I meet a Kiwi who tells me small red flies for bones. I wander down the road and find a side alley to the beach. I see some locals surfing and wander around the sea walls. The walls have rails so you don't fall in. Great spot to look for fish.
 The reef fish include trigger fish, box fish, angel fish, moorish idols, pipe fish, and lots of needle fish. I pass a smart pigeon (lots of pigeons here, no seagulls) drinking from a water fountain.

THW calls me on the cell and (I hope my bottles of fat tire outside are cold by now. I saw snow earlier) I find her and we head up Waikiki to the International Market for some food. I spot a pair of Hibiscus board shorts and have to get them. Its time to get out of my camo pants.

We settle into some Viethamese food and meal. This is our first real food if you want since the fried grease in Wisconsin.
I get the stir fried beef on noodles. I toss on some rooster sauce and inhale it.
We wander the streets of Waikiki looking for a bathing suit for THW just to wear for the day. No luck. We stop at ABC for some beer and head to the hotel for a respite.

Not long after its time for dinner. We head to the Ala Moana Center and the Japanese department store, Shirokaya. The 3rd floor is a Bento Box food court.

We were the only non Japanese in there and it was great. I filled my arms with some goodies. Everything reminded me of home just a bit. We do live in Annandale, Va.
Vegetable fried rice, garlic chicken, sliced beef with sauce, and something else. As it was the end of the day they were marking down everything.
Each bento box was around $2-$3 after mark down. 

We wandered around and got some seaweed salad, sampled some ice cream and some gelatenous goo that was putrid, and then settled down to eat. 

The total was less than $25 for two of us. We had enough for leftovers if you don't mind eating garlic fried chicken at sunrise.

I picked up a 6 of some Kiwi beer and had one as the sun dipped down the horizon. We were on the 24th floor and had a great view.

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