Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Round Up | Saturday > Sunday

Saturday found me on the lake for 6 straight hours of paddling. The fishing was slow and then picked up and then slowed down again. This happened throughout the day. Everyone learned to cast a fly rod and was rewarded with fish on the other end. I can't complain about the weather. It was in the mid 80's and sunny. Sunfish and bass were fooled by the flies. The  youngest angler was 9 years old. The drift boat makes lake fishing so much easier. We can carry more gear, food and drinks, and more than one client. Here are some of the early morning images of the boat.

Sunday had great casting and lousy fishing. The weather was in the upper 90's and not a cloud in sight. We fished the outgoing tide on the Potomac and did not even get a nibble. We saw small fish being chased by larger fish but could not entice them to bite a fly. I was quickly getting dehydrated as I was not prepared for the heat and sun. We drifted and fished with the anchor down. Changed patterns and lines. Nothing worked. Everyone learned to cast a fly which was great. The casting was better than the fishing.

I stopped at the CVS on the way home and chugged two of those .99 Arizona ice teas. That was very refreshing.

This week will have dusk excursions for striped bass in the tidal portion of the Potomac. The tides will be changing at dark and the fish should pick up. Book a trip now and get a fly out to those fish. Some are pushing 24".


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