Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sara Bareilles @ 9:30 Club | Vegas <--> Many The Miles

Technically we drove from Ohio to D.C. for this show and it was awesome. It was a long wait from purchasing the tickets in the summer to her show here in D.C. in the fall. This was the first time back to 9:30 club for me since O.A.R. played there in December of 2004!

I was not too keen on having two openers, having gotten in line for the show at 6ish and Sara not going on until well after 9pm. The first opener was a back up singer and guitar/singer/key board player for Sara. They were great and managed to get the energy flowing in the venue. Next up was Greg Laswell. I liked his stuff. I'm not sure what song it was but it was the one I liked the most and it was interrupted by Sara who came on with a handle of Jim Beam for everyone on stage to take shots. I'll have to look into the album (below) and find the song.

Its been a long time since I went to a show at a venue this small, and since then the smartphone explosion and social media. Look at all of the phones out and on during her show. People texting, taking pictures (like me), updating twitter and facebook, etc. The view from the balcony was reminiscent of being in a low flying airplane over a residential area. All of the phones looked like tiny street lights flickering about as pass by. 

Sara came on the stage next and her band opened up with Vegas. I was familiar with Sara's music as I often listen to the radio and watch the music videos on the TV. However I was not a fan until I had Pandora radio on in the background and Vegas came on. I wasn't sure who was singing but had to find out. It was Sara Bareilles. From there I got her albums and watched her Fillmore show on the TV. Her tour came around and we go tickets. Her most recent album Kaleidoscope Heart debuted at number 1. I knew she was musically talented.

I had no idea how funny she was. Each song ended with banter and audience talk and proper usage of the term 'douche bag'. A whiskey drinking, song-writing, properly using profanity-slinger on stage. What a night. She played the piano mostly standing up, acoustic guitar, and a hand powered piano thing. She introduced songs and the inspiration for their lyrics. Overall it was an awesome 2 hours of music. The talent was top notch and the light show was was a compliment to the eyes. It was great to see a favorite artist play in such an intimate venue. She closed out the night with 'Many The Miles.'

Check out her tour schedule and get a ticket before she heads over to Europe for the winter.


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