Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Essential Gear | Protective Glasses

Fishing during the day has now turned into fishing at night for us. We are targeting hungry bass in low to zero light. I'm not a fan of getting a fish hook stuck in any body part. Most you can just pull out and have a minor puncture wound. However, there is one place that should always be protected. Night or day. Your eyes. Get a hook in your eye and you have more than just a puncture wound.

Most anglers wear sunglasses but not a whole lot wear eye protection at night. I wear a cheap pair from the local nuts and bolts supply store. They are clear and allow me to see as if I were not wearing them. They fit snug over my nose (soon to be straightened next week, I can't wait to breathe out of my nose for the first time) and don't fog up.

Getting a cheap or inexpensive pair of these glasses  - intended for lawn mowing or other activities where stuff can get in your eyes, is a rather simple way of preventing an injury. 

If you are afraid you might drop your spectacles in the drink, well then you should invest in a pair of nexstraps.



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