Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Round Up | Labor Day | Fishing With POTUS

I sure have been busy the last few days. Clients from Reston to Riverbend, Fletchers, and then to Difficult Run. From all of these first time casters and people honing their skills, the one thing I can't reinforce enough is timing. Timing of that back cast. The line has to be in a straight line behind you  before you can throw it in front of you. If you throw a straight line, you get a straight line on the water. If you throw a bent line, you get a bent line on the water. Pause Pause Pause. 

We still have not had any rain since I returned from MV. The Potomac is low, clear, and warm. Though the cool nights have made the river chilly in the morning. We were shivering on Saturday afternoon! The water is clear enough to observe the black nosed dace biting at my legs.

Plenty of wildlife from egrets, herons, cormorants, ducks, toads, and all sorts of bugs along the water. Lots of fish too. One of the great things about what I do for a living is listening to all of the client stories. Such diverse backgrounds, adventures, and questions. I love my job. Leaving corporate life hunkered down in a cube all day was one of the best things I could have done. I see the immediate impact of my work.

Some kids learned the hard way that swimming is not allowed in Difficult Run. A US Park Police officer (blue helmet) came down and ordered them out of the water as they chilled in the plunge pools. If you have not fished this stream you need to. The section off Georgetown Pike has all the water you need to learn to cast. Long, slow pools. Waterfalls. Pocket water. Riffles, runs, and eddys.

 Client Lucas who lives out west was out with me yesterday for a casting practice. He can use this stream and pretend it is Eleven Mile Canyon. We worked the stream from 193 to the river. We spotted a huge and dead sucker and several big largemouth. We cast to the bass but they had no interest. The water was swimming pool clear and it was criminal for those fish to look at the flies and not take.

Last night found me working the incoming tide at the Tidal Basin. I fished for 35+ minutes and lost count of the schoolie stripers. I brought the 11' switch rod to throw some big casts but ended up only having to cast leader. These fish were blitzing my scorpion bug and swarming the damsel dropper. Nothing huge but when you get a bite on every other cast or so you don't complain. Lots of observers, none wanted to sign up for a lesson.

I am not sure why clients don't want to fish this location. I am quite puzzled. It is easy to get to (car, bike, metro), the fishing is always great, the scenery is beautiful, the fish are literally under your feet, and you don't have to get dirty. Look at this view. This is the location where I meet my clients. Dusk with an incoming tide = fish.

Take a look at the size of this fly (mustad 9672 size 2 hook) and the size of the fish. What an appetite. Speaking of mustad hooks, I still have 15 popsicle flies to finish today.

And here is Obama's birdie flying over the Tidal Basin on his way back from a talk out in the Midwest. He needs to stop by for a lesson.

In other news, I am having the trailer hitch installed on the car. I will soon offer guided drift boat trips and lessons at a variety of boat launches in Northern Virginia.


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