Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Round Up | Blue People, Carp, Gar, Football

Saturday started off with a 2-handed rod clinic by the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders at Fletchers Cove. I picked out my drift boat and played around with my 14' rod. I did not have a chance to eat the snakehead we caught (see previous posts). I had clients to meet.

I set my 13 year old client up with my brand new Orvis Clearwater II 905-2 Fly Rod. I had purchased it less than 24 hours ago. Five casts in and the rod breaks in half. The client was doing nothing abnormal to cause a rod to break. I think the rod was either defective or poorly made. The "Pacific Rim" rods are made over seas and there are fewer steps taken to make them. Thus the rod could have been dare I say, Cheap? I am extremely upset in having a rod fail right after purchase. Looks like clients will be having other brand rods in their hands for a while.

They had several bites but no fish landed. Casting habits improved and they were quite happy. I then met my second client at the boat house and we drove up to the bridge. Chain bridge was low and slow. There was a lady in a sit in canoe. She was drinking a Blue Moon and eating some food. I swear she was going up stream. There was really no distinguishable current. No rain in 4 weeks will do that.

Sunday brought early confusion. Due to the Nation's Triathlon, several roads were closed off. I was unable to get to Fletchers. I called the clients and told them we were going to the Tidal Basin. That too was closed off so we went to Gravelly. Cold rain and a warm breeze met us at the boat ramp. An adorable husband and wife that were not deterred by the weather. They cast along floating elodea and hydrilla mats that were floating in with the tide. We spotted a huge orange goldfish beneath one mat. Before long a big largemouth chased the fly and lost interest. The sunfish started to bite and one was set free via the 'long distance release.' When the hook is set too hard and the tiny fish goes flying in the air and throws the hook. The fish was airborne and back in the water in the blink of an eye.

Everyone caught fish and one was an introduced grass carp,  Ctenopharyngodon idella.

I drove home for a warm cup of tea and to switch out my flips for wellies. THW had to drive me to the Tidal Basin since her car had a flat. Due to the ongoing triathlon I was dropped off at Arlington Cemetery and walked across the Potomac bridges to the Tidal Basin. I was early and did some fishing. I had a park police officer spot fish for me from atop a bridge. He spotted a gar in the 18" range and I cast. I stripped and stripped and that torpedo shaped fish chased my fly. There was a clear and distinct V shaped wake behind the fish as it zig-zagged to my fly. Time was up and I had to meet the clients.

My client was a professional football player. That's soccer to the lay person. A quick lesson in basic casting and she and friend were into fish. 

 As we took pictures I noticed a bunch of Smurf x Pandorian Na'vi. We quickly asked them to pose in a photo with the fish. They were walking around in blue to support colon cancer awareness. These pictures, like all the others I post, have not been altered. They were this bright on a cloudy day. I think this was the first time I have ever carried someones purse while they fly fished. I had a Louis Vat-a-whatever bag strapped to my back for 2 hours and passerbys commented.

A few more fish were caught and landed. The scenery here is some of the best I have ever experienced while fly fishing. My website states I specialize in urban fly fishing. Take a look at that backdrop.

The cold front is now in full force and the wind is blowing. I meet my next clients at the FDR memorial. We worked on casting in the wind but the debris being pushed against the sea wall made it hard to pull out the fly. I picked up the ladies purses (what is it with purses this day?) and we moved to a protected area.

The ladies had made up a set of rules for their trip. Some of which were made up on the spot. They both had to start fishing at the same time and I was not allowed to catch a fish and claim it for another. I think that was it. Anyway, we got into some sunfish right away.

 My clients outfished the dude on the other side of the basin. He had a big two-handed rod (15' at least) and a stripping basket. I lost count at 2 a piece and several more lost. The guy hung his head in shame and probably went to watch a throwball game.

The ladies were good sports about the fish and fly fishing in harsh conditions.

 On the walk back Sara landed a nice schoolie striped bass. That is a first for my clients this year.

Since I had no car I was bound to public transportation. I hiked from the Tidal Basin to the Mall and Metro. I have not ridden the Metro in at least a year and have not missed much. You would think more people would stare at a guy in wellies and carrying a handful of fly rods. Not even a glance. Still lousy service with delays. Decker picked me up at 8pm from Van Dorn and took me home where THW had a roast chicken and veg waiting. Decker brought a bottle of wine and I stuffed my head.

Be sure to tune in for the Washington Freedom playoffs coming up.


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